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Q: How often should I clean my carpets?
Each home is different. However, in a home with carpeting the carpet acts like a large air-filter. It absorbs odor, dust, oil, spills, and so on. Like an air-filter, as the carpet gets more saturated it becomes less capable of filtering, and holds onto debris which is periodically vacuumed away. This actually reduces the quality of your indoor air and leads to more dust forming on everything else in your home (and in your lungs).

On top of that, the more this soil and dust gets trampled into your carpet, the more and more difficult it becomes to restore it to a “like new” appearance. This is due to the abrasion and discoloring that is occurring. With that in mind I usually recommend that the average home with two adults should have the carpets professionally cleaned every year. People with more traffic (pets, children, multiple house guests, etc…) will need them cleaned more often. This investment in cleaning will not only make your carpet last many years longer, it will also lead to a healthier indoor environment.

Did you know cleaning your carpets every year has much a bigger positive effect on your indoor air quality than cleaning your air ducts every five years?

Q: How long will freshly cleaned carpets take to dry?
In most cases your carpets will take 2-4 hours to dry. However, this can vary greatly depending on the drying conditions in your home. Running fans and opening windows (on a nice day) will dramatically shorten dry times. On the other hand shutting the house up completely will make it take much longer to dry out. Think of placing a moist piece of cloth in an air tight bag. Will it ever dry?

Q: Do you “Green Clean” carpets?
Yes we carry a full line of organic cleaning agents, which are designed for the sensitive people in your household. These products are optional. If have any interest in this please let us know.

Q: Are your cleaning products safe for my children, pets, or someone in my family with allergies or asthma?
They are absolutely safe! The cleaning agents we chose are of the highest quality and are designed to be safe for the home.  If you desire we also carry a full line of green cleaning solutions, as well as anti-allergen cleaning products. If you have an interest in these products please inform us on the phone as we do not always have a full stock on the truck.

Q: I am highly sensitive to odors. Will the cleaning have a smell afterward?
That is entirely up to you.  If you desire we can apply a mild topical deodorizer post-cleaning for you. If there are odor issues with your carpet we also carry a full line of high-end enzyme treatments and many other great odor destroying agents. If you have an odor concern please let us know.  It must be properly addressed before we begin the cleaning.

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